Friday, February 14, 2014

Let me Download : an Android Application

- Download manager and Download Plugin

Let me Download


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Watch video:


Download all type of files like: audio, video, pdf, zip-archives, apk files and many others... in two ways:

1.  Using HTTP url (Download link)

Download any file using HTTP URL by pressing + button above.

2.  Directly from web browser

This is the most useful and the most important feature of this application.
Application automatically detects download link from web browser.

Just Three easy steps to download:

1. For example you are browsing a website and you click on video.
Browsing video site in Google Chrome web browser

2.    Web browser will show list of the applications. Select this application from the list of the applications.
select this application from the list
3.    Press download button. And it’s done
Download the Video. Enjoy!

Not only video but all type of files can be downloaded by this way.

Even if you are not a regular user of this application, You should keep this application installed because this application can be helpful to download any time while you are browsing any website
This application works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
Some websites do not allow downloading. So this application cannot download from all the websites but this application can download from most of the websites.
This application does not download Videos from Youtube and Dailymotion.

Click to get Google chrome browser for Android


Browse following sites on Google Chrome browser to know how to Download directly from web browser    -> Visit Videos -> Click on Download link

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  1. Good application. helped me a lot to download many things.